Author: evancohome

World Market Throw Pillow


If you’re like me, then you love a little bit of everything. I design modern decor, but my home is filled with bits and bobs from every design style you can imagine. It’s called eclectic! Being a designer, I hate to pigeon-hole my taste because as an artist, you tend to feel the artist’s love and pain in each of their creations. One of my all-time electric eclectic pillow lines is from World Market! It is true to its name and brings flava, yes I said flava, from all over the world and all over the design universe. This FEZ throw pillow is one of my faves. The fabric looks interesting and I totally don’t get why it’s called FEZ, so that intrigues me. But I’m weird like that. Do you love it or what?

pom pom throw pillows


My new obsession? Pom Poms. Who knew adding a few fluffs to your pillow would make them look so amazing! Maybe its my Tinkerbell obsession. Or perhaps just because it’s Christmas time. Whatever it is, I’m consumed by thoughts of Santa dropping a couple under my tree this year. And the cutest ever? These from Ballard Designs. They’re not your childhood pom poms. These little guys are nothing shy of elegant beauty! I love them!